30 January 2023 2 min read

HARDWARIO to introduce new Astrocast satellite module for IoT gateway CHESTER in Barcelona

HARDWARIO, a leading supplier of IoT solutions, will introduce a new expansion module for the IoT gateway CHESTER at the IoT Solution World Congress in Barcelona.

HARDWARIO to introduce new Astrocast satellite module for IoT gateway CHESTER  in Barcelona

HARDWARIO is exhibiting at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona from Jan 31 to Feb 2. You can find us at stand 315, Street C. We will introduce a new extension module CHESTER-V1 for our IoT gateway CHESTER during the show. CHESTER is a powerful IoT gateway that allows for easy connection and communication between various sensors and devices. With this new satellite module, our partners will be able to connect to the Astrocast satellite network, allowing for data transmission from even the most remote and hard-to-reach locations.

About Astrocast

Astrocast is a global satellite communications provider that offers bidirectional, low cost, and low-power IoT connectivity for remote and hard-to-reach locations. This collaboration between HARDWARIO and Astrocast will provide new opportunities for IoT deployment in areas such as agriculture, mining, and oil and gas operations.

“The IoT Solutions World Congress is the perfect platform to showcase this new technology, as it brings together the leading players in the IoT industry to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the field. HARDWARIO’s introduction of this new extension module for the HARDWARIO CHESTER IoT gateway at the congress highlights the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for IoT deployment.”, says Alan Fabik, CEO of HARDWARIO

"Our collaboration with HARDWARIO is a prime example of how we are working with our customers to drive IoT innovation forward. Introducing the new Astrocast satellite module for CHESTER IoT gateway in Barcelona is a major milestone in our mission to bring global IoT connectivity to businesses and communities. We're proud to be collaborating with HARDWARIO and look forward to continued success in the future." - Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast

Overall, the new extension module for the HARDWARIO CHESTER IoT gateway, with support for Zephyr RTOS and open SDK, is a game changer for IoT deployment in remote and hard-to-reach areas. The collaboration with Astrocast will open new possibilities for IoT applications and developers and will be a major step forward in the field of IoT communications.

HARDWARIO CHESTER with Astrocast Module