MAPOTIC will use IoT with HARDWARIO to modernize systems for counting passages and passage of people or cyclists

Together with the non-profit company Partnership they want to offer further IoT innovations in the field of geolocation and smart maps

9 May 2023 MAPOTIC is a successful Czech startup that focuses on map applications, visualizations of dynamic geolocation data and dynamic data over maps. One of its new activities is data analytics and map visualization of data from people or bicycle passage counts. Last year, MAPOTIC successfully tested a concept in a project with the High Tatras Tourism Association and is now ready to offer this sought-after service both here and worldwide. For the Czech and Slovak markets, he has entered into a strategic cooperation with Partnerství o.p.s., a company that has been dealing with counting systems for a long time and is a leader in this field in the Czech Republic. The supplier of census hardware and IoT connectivity is the company HARDWARIO, which provides its partners with a comprehensive solution of hardware, services and professional support to facilitate the adoption of IoT.

"Our world is maps and especially data aggregation and visualization over map documents. With the advent of modern IoT devices, we have the opportunity to fundamentally accelerate the deployment of counters in places where mains power is not possible and where it is difficult to communicate using standard GSM technologies. Partnership supplies us with the necessary know-how, which is the basis for the correct deployment of the counters and the evaluation of the measured data. We decided to entrust the supply of innovative IoT battery meters and data transmission to a renowned player in this field, the Liberec company HARDWARIO. We now have in our hands a unique solution based on the CHESTER IoT gateway, which is easy to deploy and operate. And thanks to this, we can focus on data processing, analysis and visualization that will help organizations that want information about the movement of people and other means of transport in different locations, whether it is cities or remote locations," says Ivoš Gajdorus, CEO of the company.

"Over the course of our existence, we have installed hundreds of pedestrian and bicycle counters to help monitor sustainable tourism in protected areas and destinations or sustainable transport in cities, providing valuable data to municipalities for planning the capacity of cycle and pedestrian routes. The cooperation with MAPOTIC and HARDWARIO will bring us new opportunities for expanding these services and we are looking forward to it," adds Luboš Kala, Director of Partnership, o.p.s.

"Our cooperation with the MAPOTIC team started with a pilot project in the High Tatras. In difficult conditions, we have jointly verified that our solution is more than competitive and will enable a significant expansion of census technology in our country and worldwide. Our long-standing partnership will benefit all three companies, and especially cities and municipalities, which will finally be able to make decisions about transport and tourism development over data," adds Alan Fabik, co-founder of HARDWARIO.


Mapotic is a Czech company that operates a platform that enables the creation of maps and map applications. It originally started with a portal to create community maps and now focuses mainly on geolocation data aggregation and easy-to-understand end-user visualization, with a focus on aggregating and visualizing dynamic data over maps.For more information, please visit www.mapotic.com.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company that focuses on IoT - Internet of Things. It provides its customers with configurable IoT devices, connectivity and cloud services. Together with its partners, it successfully implements IoT projects in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, retail, healthcare and asset management. For more detailed information, please visit www.hardwario.cz.

About Partnership o.p.s.

The Partnership is a non-profit company dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly forms of tourism and traffic calming. It monitors cyclists and pedestrians using automatic counters, providing data important for planning the capacity of cycle and pedestrian routes. For more information, visit www.partnerstvi-ops.cz.

Contacts for media

  • MAPOTIC: Ivoš Gajdorus, CEO, ivos.gajdorus@mapotic.com
  • Partnerství: Luboš Kala, ředitel, lubos.kala@partnerstvi-ops.cz
  • HARDWARIO: Alan Fabik, Sales konzultant, alan.fabik@hardwario.com