HARDWARIO provides a game-changing technology, revolutionizing how we generate, distribute, and consume energy. By seamlessly connecting devices, systems, and renewable sources, our products and solutions are driving unparalleled efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector.


Smart grids and energy management

Our CHESTER devices with IoT-enabled sensors and smart meters monitor electricity consumption patterns in real time, providing valuable data to both consumers and utility companies. With this data-driven approach, you can optimize grid operations, balance supply and demand, and detect and respond to power outages swiftly. You can also gain insights into energy usage, so you can conserve energy and reduce costs.

Natural resources

Renewable energy integration

HARDWARIO plays a crucial role in the integration and management of decentralized renewable energy sources. Smart inverters and IoT devices monitor the output of solar panels and wind turbines, ensuring optimal efficiency and grid compatibility. Additionally, CHESTER-driven predictive analytics help energy providers anticipate fluctuations in renewable energy production, enabling them to balance the grid effectively and store excess energy for later use.


Energy conservation and demand response

Thanks to HARDWARIO, smart devices, such as thermostats and appliances, can be integrated into IoT platforms, allowing you to control energy consumption remotely and optimize usage according to energy prices and peak demand periods. Through demand response programs, you can voluntarily reduce your energy usage during peak hours, contributing to a more stable and efficient grid.


Energy efficiency in industrial applications

Industrial automation and smart sensors based on CHESTER optimize energy-intensive processes, reducing waste and optimizing energy usage. Real-time data analysis enables timely interventions and adjustments to achieve maximum energy efficiency without compromising production output.


Predictive maintenance for energy infrastructure

Ensuring the reliability and longevity of energy infrastructure is essential for uninterrupted energy supply. HARDWARIO-based predictive maintenance solutions continuously monitor the health of critical assets, such as power transformers and substations. By analyzing sensor data, energy companies can predict potential failures and schedule maintenance proactively, avoiding costly downtime and improving overall infrastructure performance.


Future in your reach

From smart automation to sustainable practices, our products can be used in all aspects of building design, construction, and management. With our technology, you can create buildings that are not only efficient and safe but also responsive to the needs of occupants and the environment. Do not hesitate to contact us and lets embark on a journey towards a smarter future.

CHESTER ecosystem, showing all the extensions, expansion boards, enclosures and external sensors