The transformative force of HARDWARIO products is reshaping the retail industry in unprecedented ways. By interconnecting devices, enhancing data analytics, and creating personalized experiences, our IoT technology is revolutionizing the way retailers operate and engage with customers.


Smart inventory management

CHESTER-powered inventory management systems optimize the supply chain, ensuring you never miss a sale due to stockouts or overstocking. Connected sensors monitor inventory levels in real time, providing accurate data to retailers about stock movement and shelf availability. This data-driven approach helps you achieve precise demand forecasting, streamlined restocking processes, and reduced carrying costs.

Waste reduction

Sustainable Food Management

Aside from tracking supply and demand, our devices are instrumental in reducing waste of both food and medicine by tracking and managing refrigerator temperatures. HARDWARIO CHESTER with smart sensors installed in storage facilities, transportation vehicles, and retail stores continuously monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors that affect food freshness reducing the chances of spoilage.


Smart checkout solutions

The traditional checkout process can be a point of frustration for customers. Our technology can support smart checkout solutions, such as self-checkout kiosks and contactless payment options to simplify the payment process and reduce waiting times. RFID tags and smart shelf technology enable seamless product scanning and automatic payment, offering a frictionless shopping experience.

Data collection

In-store analytics and foot traffic insights

CHESTER with its sensors installed in retail spaces can track foot traffic patterns, customer movement, and dwell times. This data provides valuable insights into store layouts and product placements, enabling you to optimize store layouts for maximum customer engagement and sales conversion. In-store analytics also help to understand customer behavior and preferences, facilitating data-driven decisions to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Equipment and machinery

Supply chain transparency and product traceability

HARDWARIO enables end-to-end transparency across the retail supply chain. From production facilities to store shelves, connected devices and sensors track the movement of products, ensuring authenticity and traceability. Retailers and consumers can access real-time information about the origin, manufacturing process, and sustainability credentials of products, fostering consumer trust and responsible sourcing.


Theft Prevention
and Security

Loss prevention is a significant concern for retailers. HARDWARIO-powered security systems utilize video analytics, RFID technology, and smart sensors to monitor store premises and prevent theft and unauthorized access. Real-time alerts and monitoring enable prompt responses to security breaches, safeguarding inventory and enhancing store safety.


Future in your reach

From smart automation to sustainable practices, our products can be used in all aspects of building design, construction, and management. With our technology, you can create buildings that are not only efficient and safe but also responsive to the needs of occupants and the environment. Do not hesitate to contact us and lets embark on a journey towards a smarter future.

CHESTER ecosystem, showing all the extensions, expansion boards, enclosures and external sensors