Battery-powered NB-IoT/LTE-M weather station that monitors temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind direction and speed, and atmospheric pressure with configurable measurement, sampling, and reporting intervals.

Showcase of CHESTER Meteo catalog application. It shows a possible placement in the field and a dashboard showing the measured values
wireless connectivity

The device transfers data over cellular networks (NB-IoT / LTE-M) or public/private LoRaWAN networks.

Up-to-date information
on outdoor conditions

Measures, aggregates, and reports air temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed, and atmospheric pressure.

3 years battery lifespan
in extreme outdoor

The device can operate in harsh environmental conditions on a single primary lithium cell for a long time.

Fast deployment and
seamless integration

Use the HARDWARIO Manager iOS/Android app to set the device and integrate its data from HARDWARIO Cloud.

Application areas

Typical use cases

With CHESTER Meteo you can dynamically track changing weather to insure the proper working conditions on construction sites.

The device can also be used to monitor the climate impact on forest and provides the means for early detection of fire.

Among other applications, with CHESTER Meteo you can forecast the time of incoming rainfalls to schedule proper harvest.


Product overview

Enclosed CHESTER Meteo in the standart variant with four inputs and thermometer on the case without the external meteo station

Application elasticity

One modular device covering a wide spectrum of IoT projects

LPWAN connectivity

Communication to the internet from the most distant places

Enclosed CHESTER Meteo in the standart variant with four inputs and thermometer on the case without the external meteo station

Open source SDK

Ability to create your applications or update the existing ones

Low-power design

Reliable operation from a primary cell battery for several years

Custom branding

Full OEM branding service, including custom color printing

Bluetooth Low Energy

For diagnostics, parametrization, and device firmware upgrades

IP 67 protection level

Enclosure to withstand harsh environmental conditions

Truly configurable device

One CHESTER for so many configurations

The CHESTER platform goes way beyond one specific application use case. The system design, integrated hardware technologies, firmware architecture, and the ecosystem of tools - all of this scales well to a wide range of applications - from Industry 4.0, smart city, e-metering, and environmental monitoring to some very special verticals such as digital retail and agriculture.

CHESTER Mainboard without the case with many point showing each part of the board

Technical specifications

Enclosed CHESTER Meteo in the standart variant with four inputs and thermometer on the case without the external meteo station

Thermometer measurement range

-20 to +80 °C

Thermometer accuracy

± 0.2 °C (from 0 to 65 °C)

Open CHESTE Meteo showing CHESTER mainboard with 4 possible connection through the outside and thermometer.

Hygrometer measurement range

0 to 100%

Hygrometer accuracy

± 2% (from 10 to 90%)

Resolution of rainfall

0.28 mm

Wind speed resolution

0,33 m/s

Nominal battery voltage

3.6 V

Nominal battery capacity

7 700 mAh

Operating voltage range

2.0 V to 5.0 V

Idle power consumption

< 180 μA

Peak power consumption

< 250 mA

Operating temperature range

-30 to +70 °C

Storage temperature range

-40 to +85 °C


130×175×45 mm

Protection level

IP 67


Easy setup and configuration

Our catalog applications are made to be setup simply and quickly. After you choose your application and get your package, just install CHESTER in the desired location, register it to our cloud and you will get the data to your dashboard that is created based on the selected application.

Example dashboard for catalog application
Simple three step flow showing how easy is it to setup and operate CHESTER
The right choice


Choose one of the catalog applications for immediate deployment, or contact us with your specific needs. Get in touch with us to learn more and build IoT projects for your customers today, together.

CHESTER ecosystem, showing all the extensions, expansion boards, enclosures and external sensors