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Since 2016, HARDWARIO a.s. has been developing and manufacturing electronic devices for IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications. Thanks to its diverse network of business partners, it delivers solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide - e.g., energy, agriculture, food industry, pharmacy, retail, building management, etc. In its products, the company guarantees the purchase of components only through authorized distribution channels and manufactures all electronics in the Czech Republic in collaboration with renowned EMS partners.

About our mission

The company's primary expertise is in wireless technologies, so-called LPWAN networks, represented by NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies, and private and public networks using LoRaWAN technology. HARDWARIO has extensive experience optimizing device consumption and long-term battery life, even in challenging operating conditions.

The company offers its product solutions to partners as platforms. These platforms are open and undergo a continuous innovation cycle. They allow their customers to implement their firmware naturally, with the possibility of training and full support from HARDWARIO. Above the platforms, there is a wide range of standardized applications and implementations, and HARDWARIO can ensure a completely customized implementation if needed.

Verified tools

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The company's flagship platform is CHESTER, which offers a high degree of hardware modularity (over 30 expansion modules in the portfolio) and is built on the modern Zephyr RTOS operating system. This proven ecosystem of modules, firmware SDK, documentation, and tools significantly shortens the time to market for innovative IoT solutions.

In addition to electronic devices, HARDWARIO operates the middleware service HARDWARIO Cloud, allowing its customers to access data messages from connected IoT devices easily. This service forwards messages and offers remote control and firmware upgrade options.

Dissasembled CHESTER to basic parts showing mainboard, battery, expansion modules and case
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