We Transform Today Into a Digital Tomorrow

In a world seamlessly woven by invisible threads of communication, IoT hardware stands as the sentinel, bridging the gap between the digital and the tangible. It is not merely a tool, but the very fabric of our evolving digital era, turning whispers of data into symphonies of interconnected brilliance.

About our mission

Since our founding in 2016, we have been working every day to fulfill our mission to transform today into a digital tomorrow. We are convinced that digitalization will bring significant energy savings to humanity and significantly improve the conditions of life on Earth.

That's why we're building our partner network and sharing best practices on how to connect as many devices and environments as possible to the Internet, how to connect them to other data, and how to make meaningful projects out of it all. We are experienced developers and marketers with a global ambition to be the leading company in the delivery of Industrial IoT devices.

HARDWARIO founder Pavel Hubner

About our founder

Pavel has over 20 years of experience in electronics development, embedded software, product management, manufacturing and sourcing. He has coordinated several major hardware projects in China. He has worked as head of research and development at JABLOTRON ALARMS.

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Pavel Hübner, CEO


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