Buildings and Construction

In the rapidly evolving world, technology continues to revolutionize how we design, construct, and manage our built environments. HARDWARIO brings together the physical and digital realms, enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and overall functionality of buildings with cutting-edge IoT technology.


Efficient facility management

With CHESTER and our tailor made solutions buildings can autonomously optimize energy consumption, lighting, HVAC, and security systems. Occupants benefit from a more comfortable and productive environment, while building owners enjoy reduced operational costs and energy savings. From remote access control to predictive maintenance, HARDWARIO empowers building managers with real-time data to make informed decisions for efficient facility management.


building operation

HARDWARIO devices and solutions play a crucial role in helping you transform buildings into energy-efficient and eco-friendly spaces. Our smart meters and energy monitoring systems enable precise tracking and analysis of energy consumption patterns, identifying areas for improvement and waste reduction. With IoT-driven power management, your buildings can minimize their carbon footprint and energy demand.


Construction site optimization

Our smart sensors installed on construction sites offer real-time data on various parameters such as equipment usage, worker safety, and material inventory. The data-driven approach enhances project management, streamlines workflows, and ensures adherence to timelines and budgets. By leveraging HARDWARIO products in construction, stakeholders can mitigate risks, increase productivity, and boost overall project efficiency.


Enhanced safety
and security

Safety is of paramount importance in any construction project and building operation. HARDWARIO’s IoT-based safety solutions utilize connected devices and automated systems to monitor potential hazards and ensure worker well-being. In smart buildings, IoT-driven security systems provide comprehensive surveillance, access control, and intruder detection, creating a safe environment for occupants and assets alike.

Equipment and machinery


Unplanned equipment failures and maintenance downtime can be costly. HARDWARIO with its products enables predictive maintenance, where sensors continuously monitor the health of building systems and machinery, detecting anomalies and potential failures before they occur. By adopting a proactive maintenance approach, building managers can optimize equipment lifespan, reduce repair costs, and maintain optimal performance throughout the building's life cycle.


Occupant Experience and Comfort

HARDWARIO fosters a seamless and personalized experience for building occupants. Smart building solutions allow individuals to control lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors according to their preferences, maximizing comfort and productivity. Additionally, IoT-powered environment and wayfinding systems offer indoor navigation and real-time updates, improving the overall occupant experience within large and complex structures.


Future in your reach

From smart automation to sustainable practices, our products can be used in all aspects of building design, construction, and management. With our technology, you can create buildings that are not only efficient and safe but also responsive to the needs of occupants and the environment. Do not hesitate to contact us and lets embark on a journey towards a smarter future.

CHESTER ecosystem, showing all the extensions, expansion boards, enclosures and external sensors