The order book of HARDWARIO was published as part of the initial public offering on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange

Czech company HARDWARIO, which focuses on the future industry - the Internet of Things (IoT), today published its order book on the START market for an initial public offering (IPO). At the halfway point of the subscription, the company has already sold a total of 1,580,000 offered shares. The company's shares can be purchased in the public offering through members of the stock exchange until 18 October 2022. After that, HARDWARIO's shares will be traded on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

"Since the beginning of the underwriting, we have answered a number of questions, mainly aimed at explaining the reality of our plans and the calculation of the valuation of our company, which is based on these plans. The entire team has tried to present the Industrial Internet of Things as a very dynamic industry in webinars, seminars and face-to-face meetings. We also educated the public about the IoT projects we are currently working on and the trends that will help us realize our plans. I am very pleased that within the first week we were already able to convince a significant number of investors who put their trust in us with their stock order. We will continue to hold webinars this week for those interested, with analysts from LIFTIA and also PATRIA. There will be ample scope to discuss the subscription itself and our company's plans." says Alan Fabik, CEO.

The company offers a total of 2,870,000 shares in the price range of 17 to 25 CZK to investors on the START market. Investors ordered a total of 1,580,000 shares in the first week of the public offering. The order book can be viewed directly in the Prague Stock Exchange trading system here: https://upis.pxstart.cz/#/offers/detail/20. HARDWARIO shares can be purchased from Fio Banka, PATRIA or the opPORTUnity portal. Alternatively, it is possible to use any member of the Prague Stock Exchange, a list of which is available on the Prague Stock Exchange website - www.pse.cz.

Národní rozvojová investiční a.s. is also participating in the subscription and will subscribe for 30% of the shares sold as part of its IPO fund. The total amount to be offered from public funds is directly dependent on the overall interest of private investors, whose orders are continuously matched by NRI. HARDWARIO will use the funds raised in the underwriting only for its own development and global expansion.

The first trading day will be Monday 24 October. On this day, the shares will begin trading under the ticker HWIO.PR on the START market. This will be the fifth issue on the Prague Stock Exchange this year and the 13th title traded in total.

The issuer's prospectus, investor presentation and other HARDWARIO documents can be found at this link – https://www.hardwario.com/cs/ipo/.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company focused on the Internet of Things. It supplies its partners with everything needed for successful IoT projects - configurable devices, connectivity, cloud services and open development tools for developing custom applications. The main owners are co-founders Alan Fabik and Pavel Hübner.

Contacts for media

  • Pavel Hübner (CEO) – e-mail: pavel.hubner@hardwario.com / phone: +420 775 159 734
  • Jiří Staník (Analytik, Helgi Library s.r.o.) - e-mail: jiri.stanik@helgilibrary.com / phone: +420 608 638 222