HARDWARIO founders buy out part of the shares held by their angel investor FS Assets

21 February 2023The founders of HARDWARIO have agreed with FS Assets to buy out part of the angel investor's stake in HARDWARIO. The impetus for the sale is the FS Group's desire to focus more on its activities in the education sector, particularly in the development of its Jan Blahoslav Secondary School in Hejnice. As part of the tranche, HARDWARIO managers are buying 88,000 shares at CZK 17 per share, which was the subscription price.

"FS Group, through FS Assets, invested in us in 2018 and helped us to bridge the more difficult period after Jablotron's exit from our company. Their angel role was 100% fulfilled and now it is time for us to buy back some of the shares to help FS Group in their efforts to build a modern school," says Alan Fabik, co-founder of HARDWARIO.

"We certainly do not regret our decision to invest in HARDWARIO and we are very happy that the company is prospering thanks to us and has gained the trust of other investors in the public offering of shares on the Prague Stock Exchange. We still believe in the potential of HARDWARIO and that is why we are selling only a part of our share package. The sale of 88,000 shares will finance the further development of our secondary school. The essence of FS Group's business is to support social and educational projects of our owner - Unity of Brethren," adds Jan Křivka, CEO of FS Group.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company that focuses on IoT - Internet of Things. It provides its customers with configurable IoT devices, connectivity and cloud services. Together with its partners, it successfully implements IoT projects in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, retail, healthcare and asset management. For more information, visit www.hardwario.cz.


FS Assets is an investment company that focuses on the appreciation and management of the assets of its owner, the Unity Church of the Brethren. Income from its activities is used to ensure financial stability and to fulfill the owner's vision, especially in supporting its social and educational projects. For more information, please visit www.fsassets.cz.

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  • Lukáš Fabik (CMO) - e-mail: lukas.fabik@hardwario.com / phone: +420 602 335 265