Multipurpose IoT Hub


Application elasticity

One modular device covering a wide range of IoT applications. CHESTER is used to data telemetry data of the connected systems, monitoring of a large variety of sensors, remote control and location tracking.

LPWAN connectivity

Communication to the internet from most distant places. CHESTER communicates through LPWAN technologies, such as NB-IoT or LoRaWAN, even from places where regular internet connectivity is not available.

Low power consumption

The device features low power consumption and offers a reliable operation from a battery for up to 10 years. CHESTER can operate in outdoor and dusty environments.

Ready for integration

CHESTER can by easy connected to the cloud, mobile applications and other services, such as Azure IoT Hub, Grafana, Ubidots or Blynk as well as it can be integrated with your endpoint through the REST API and Webhooks.


Sensor monitoring

Data telemetry

LPWAN tester

Remote control

Position tracking

Smart home applications

Case Study

CHESTER helps E.ON to assess cable boxes online


Operating input voltage 3.6 V
Idle power consumption < 50 μA
Peak power consumption 500 mA
Battery capacity 5800 mAh
Thermometer accuracy ± 0.3 °C
Humidity sensor accuracy ±3%
Operating temperature range -40 až +70 °C
Storage temperature range -40 až +85 °C
Protection level IP67
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Module Interface Example usage
CHESTER-X0A External I2C devices External temperature/humidity sensors
CHESTER-X0B Ultrasonic sensor Water tank level monitoring
CHESTER-X0C 4x external input Analog/digital; voltage range 0 to 28 V
CHESTER-X0D 4x external switch Buttons, reed contacts, energy meters, etc.
CHESTER-X1 1-Wire bus Temperature or soil moisture sensor
CHESTER-X2A TTL/CMOS UART Data read-out from various equipments
CHESTER-X2B RS-485 interface Communication via Modbus protocol
CHESTER-X3A 2x PT1000 interface Wiring to industrial RTD themometers
CHESTER-X3B Support for thermocouples Extreme temperature measurement
CHESTER-X4A DC/DC converter External power supply 5 to 28 V
CHESTER-X4B X4A + 1W Interfacing industrial current loop sensors
CHESTER-X4C X4A + 1W + 4-20mA Interfacing industrial current loop sensors
CHESTER-X5 Analog input Precise voltage sensing; range ±30 V
CHESTER-X6 4x strain gauge Accurate weight scale monitoring

Usage examples

Environmental Monitoring

Data processing in demanding projects from multiple environmental sensor inputs, e.g. temperature, relative air humidity, NOx and SOx gas, soil moisture, and many more.

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Indoor Environmental Monitoring

Demanding indoor environmental monitoring projects - e.g. in agriculture and industrial space.

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Ultrasonic Ranging

With a connected ultrasonic sensor, CHESTER can measure distance - e.g., a water level or a gap between a solid object.

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Pulse Monitoring for Power Consumption and Output Power Metering

Energy metering and water use monitoring projects realized by connection to a pulse output of electricity meters, gas meters, water flow meters, or by observing their optical output.

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Data Telemetry from Offline Devices

CHESTER can connect a wide offering of various communication interfaces and collect data from devices which are not normally connected online. That, for instance, allows industrial machines monitoring.

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Extreme Temperature Monitoring

Through the connected industrial RTD thermometers and thermocouples support, CHESTER can measure extreme temperatures in industrial applications.

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Remote Machine and Device Control

CHESTER finds its place in applications where remote control of machines or devices is required - e.g., opening and closing doors and gates, commanding the production machines, etc.

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Position and Asset Tracking

CHESTER with integrated GNSS module (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS) is an ideal tool for asset tracking in logistics, agriculture, or industry.

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Online Marketing Data Acquisition

Online telemetry from product demo presentations. The data are immediately available for marketing campaigns evaluation, customer behavior analysis, and the actual sales impact.

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Universal Push Button

CHESTER can connect one or more push buttons and monitor the press events online. The solution is suitable even for demanding outdoor projects and industrial use.

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The price starts at €132 without VAT and depends on the configuration and quantity.

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Custom integrations and branding on customer's request

Extended 3-year warranty and 100-day trial period

Personal technical support in the deployment phase