HARDWARIO shares start trading on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange on Monday 24 October

The Liberec company HARDWARIO has successfully closed its share subscription and on Monday 24 October its shares will start trading on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange. It is presenting to current and potential new shareholders its ongoing and planned projects, which are the basis of the business plans of this innovative Czech company with global ambitions.

"Our underwriting has resulted in the successful issuance of all of the offered shares. The interest in the shares was even significantly higher and the stock exchange had to shorten the orders through its system. We raised new capital of over 48 million CZK. We will invest it in our global expansion, strengthening our team and inventory. We intend to actively communicate with shareholders and the public and present the projects we relied on in our IPO discussions with investors. Today, we describe the most important ones, which form the basis of our immediate business plans. I am convinced that our future results will have a positive impact on the share price growth and therefore that it will be worth holding our shares in the long term," says Alan Fabik, CEO and co-founder of HARDWARIO.

HARDWARIO finds business opportunities for its products and services in many industries - manufacturing, retail, facilities management, agriculture, forestry or healthcare. As part of regular open communication with shareholders and investors, the company presents a list of important projects it is currently working on:

  • In the US, a pilot installation of an IoT network and sensors for a major player in the energy sector has been completed. HARDWARIO has gone through a challenging approval process, the pilot is running successfully, and therefore thousands of our sensors are expected to be deployed over the next few years.
  • In Canada, a pilot project of IoT weather stations has gotten off the ground, bringing data to the University of UBC for their wildfire risk analysis. Forest fires are a pressing problem in many countries, and the potential to deploy thousands more sensors is more than real.
  • In Brazil, IoT partner Conecta has secured a contract with one of the largest meat processors, for which it prepares production and consumption monitoring projects in volumes in excess of hundreds of devices per year.
  • Australian partner CT4 has successfully deployed IoT monitoring of production and consumption at several major companies. The potential is again in the higher hundreds of installations per year.
  • In Europe, a cooperation with one of the mobile operators is being launched, with which HARDWARIO will offer solutions for monitoring energy production and consumption for industrial enterprises.
  • Together with partner ADASTRA, the retail industry is going digital and giant projects are in the pipeline for major brands in the food and toy industry.
  • With partner eMan, they are working on joint IoT products that will soon reach the market.
  • STATOTEST, IQHUBS and iotor partners are growing significantly. And also HARDWARIO projects www.vyrobni.report and www.energeticky.report, that are deployed in larger production facilities with international reach.
  • Last but not least, HARDWARIO transforms industrial equipment from offline to online versions for selected manufacturers, for example power plants or heat pumps.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company focused on the Internet of Things. It supplies its partners with everything needed for successful IoT projects - configurable devices, connectivity, cloud services and open development tools for developing custom applications. The main owners are co-founders Alan Fabik and Pavel Hübner.Thanks to a functional business model, a sophisticated system for developing a partner network, sufficient inventory, newly established business and strategic collaborations, and translating pilots into the production phase, its ambition is to increase its turnover by tens of percent and thus build on the progressive growth of the broad industrial IoT segment.

Contact for media

  • Pavel Hübner (CEO) – e-mail: pavel.hubner@hardwario.com / phone: +420 775 159 734