HARDWARIO launches non-invasive IoT consumption audit of industrial machinery and equipment with Vodafone

Rising energy prices are leading most companies to think about what machines, equipment and processes they can use to reduce their consumption. HARDWARIO, using Vodafone and Microsoft technologies, is therefore coming to market with a new solution for wireless monitoring of machine consumption based on IoT technologies.

Under the www.energeticky.report programme, companies will receive 5 mobile devices for CZK 95,000 that they can connect to their machines non-invasively and get instant information about their current electricity consumption. Thanks to the use of Vodafone's NB-IoT network and industrial devices from HARDWARIO, there is no need to connect the devices to any local network and it is also possible to move the device to another machine at any time. The consumption data is then transmitted in the form of a report in the Microsoft Power BI application, which businesses already work with frequently. HARDWARIO devices are already used for consumption monitoring by companies such as ArcelorMittal and TOKOZ. The company plans to deploy the system in dozens of new companies by the end of the year.

"The energy sector is undoubtedly one of the main areas where the Internet of Things is now finding application. We have been working with HARDWARIO in the field of IoT innovation for several years. We like the idea of leveraging the potential of our NB-IoT network and their mobile solution immensely. We are therefore looking forward to helping many companies in the Czech Republic find a way to effectively reduce their electricity consumption."

-- Viktoria Korabelnikova, Head of IoT Sales & Business Development Vodafone

"We have been working successfully with technologies from Vodafone and Microsoft for a long time, for example also in our www.vyrobni.report programme. We take advantage of the availability and technological advantages of the NB-IoT network of Vodafone and the general knowledge of Microsoft tools among companies not only in the Czech Republic. That is why we are glad that both companies support us in the www. energetically.report activity."

-- Alan Fabik, CEO HARDWARIO


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company focused on the Internet of Things. It supplies its partners with everything needed for successful IoT projects - configurable devices, connectivity, cloud services and open development tools for developing custom applications. In autumn 2022, the company plans to go public on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange with the ambition to raise tens of millions of CZK from investors for further development.

Contact for media

  • Lukáš Fabik (CMO) – e-mail: lukas.fabik@hardwario.com / phone: +420 602 335 265