CNB approves prospectus for IPO of Liberec's HARDWARIO, company enters the Prague Stock Exchange

HARDWARIO, a Czech company focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) of the future, today received approval from the Czech National Bank (CNB) for an IPO. The company's shares will be available for subscription in a public offering through a member of the stock exchange from 4 to 18 October 2022. HARDWARIO's shares will then be traded on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange. The successful development of the company is illustrated by the new solution for wireless monitoring of machine consumption based on IoT technologies using Vodafone and Microsoft technologies, which was introduced in September.

"The public offering of shares and the entry to the Prague Stock Exchange are a major milestone in the development of our company. Although we are historically a young company, we have managed to come up with our own products in the highly competitive IoT market, which have been successful with many global companies due to their innovation and sophistication. We are now giving the opportunity to other investors who want to help us accelerate our growth and fully develop our know-how," said CEO and co-founder Alan Fabik.

"It is great that another company is taking the starting line, again from a sector that has not been represented on the market so far. I keep my fingers crossed that Hardware, despite the difficult market situation, will successfully reach investors and be able to join the START market", says Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.

The IPO will offer 2,870,000 shares. The price range of the orders was set from CZK 17 to 25 CZK per share. The minimum order size (LOT) is 1,000 shares, i.e. CZK 17 to 25 thousand CZK. HARDWARIO expects to raise new capital of CZK 48.79 to 71.75 million through the IPO.

HARDWARIO will use the funds raised to strengthen its operational cash flow and business, as well as its inventory and the development of its own innovative products. Combined with bank loans and optimization of the capital structure, order fulfillment will be reliably secured even in the higher thousands, which will help build HARDWARIO's strong position in the global industrial IoT market.

Shares in the public offer can be most easily purchased from FIO Bank, PATRIA or the opPORTUnity portal. Alternatively, it is possible to use any member of the Prague Stock Exchange, a list of which is available on the Prague Stock Exchange website - www.pse.cz.

Since its foundation, HARDWARIO has been supplying customers with industrial IoT devices based on modern wireless transmission technologies, so-called LPWAN. These innovative technologies are characterized by very low power consumption and high signal availability. Combined with proprietary hardware with very low power consumption, HARDWARIO and its partners can transmit the required data from anywhere, even from locations without a standard connection to the power grid and the Internet.

HARDWARIO finds business opportunities for its products and services in many industries - manufacturing, retail, facilities management, agriculture, forestry or healthcare. End users of HARDWARIO products already include many major companies such as ŠKODA AUTO, LEGO, ASAHI, ArcelorMittal, Siemens or Coca-Cola. Technology partners include mobile network operators and Microsoft. The company has offices in the UK, Poland and the USA.

The issuer's prospectus, investor presentation and other HARDWARIO documents can be found at this link – https://www.hardwario.com/cs/ipo/.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company focused on the Internet of Things. It supplies its partners with everything needed for successful IoT projects - configurable devices, connectivity, cloud services and open development tools for developing custom applications. The main owners are co-founders Alan Fabik and Pavel Hübner. In autumn 2022, the company plans to list on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange with the ambition to raise tens of millions of CZK from investors for further development.

Since its establishment in 2016, the company's turnover has grown at a rapid pace to 20 million CZK, reaching 21 million CZK last year and the year before, which was mainly due to a shift away from custom development towards the sale of its own products and services. The turnover of the past two years is made up of the delivery of dozens of IoT pilots in various regions and industries, which HARDWARIO and its partners have launched with the knowledge that most of them have the potential to increase up to a hundredfold. Last year, HARDWARIO was included in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE ranking.

Thanks to a functional business model, up-to-date partner network readiness, sufficient inventory, newly established business and strategic collaborations and the translation of pilots into the production phase, this year's ambition is to increase sales by tens of percent and thus build on the progressive growth of the entire IoT segment.

Contacts for media

  • Pavel Hübner (CEO) – e-mail: pavel.hubner@hardwario.com / phone: +420 775 159 734
  • Jiří Staník (Analytik, Helgi Library s.r.o.) - e-mail: jiri.stanik@helgilibrary.com / phone: +420 608 638 222