We Have the Production Process Under Control

HARDWARIO declares that all components needed for the production of its devices are purchased exclusively from authorized distributors, and the electronics are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the modern and well-equipped HARDWARIO studio, the company can control the entire production process, from design through prototyping and testing to packaging and distribution.

The HARDWARIO studio is located directly at the company's headquarters. It is equipped with top-notch soldering stations, quality hand tools, a CNC milling machine, a climate chamber, and a UV printer.

The UV printer ensures high-resolution color printing on custom boxes for individual customers, with the resulting print having long-lasting durability. The CNC milling machine allows each box to be customized for a specific application.

Additionally, we can conduct stress tests of the devices in the climate chamber, where both temperature and humidity can be regulated over a wide range. Thorough testing ensures that HARDWARIO products can operate without issues, even in challenging climatic conditions.

HARDWARIO also pays great attention to product packaging. The company uses custom-made packaging that is fully recyclable, contributing to reducing environmental impact.

A more detailed description of our custom engineering can be found on our website.