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Affordable digitisation with IoT technologies

Keep an eye on a sump or silo level or create an independent security system. Use the potential of IoT in marketing, get online customer-in-shop behaviour insights and shelf occupancy.

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Connection from anywhere

The LPWAN networks have made it possible to connect devices from anywhere and communicate with low power consumption.

Long battery life

LPWAN support and superb power management of our devices mean years of battery operation.

Easy integration

We support a variety of interfaces and protocols and provide API. Partners can take advantage of open SDK and develop a firmware.

Case Study

We monitor the level of wells in SKANSKA apartment buildings

HARDWARIO approach

HARDWARIO delivers everything you need to deploy a successful IoT project - from devices to cloud environments and APIs.

Our products and services include IoT devices and sensors, easily connected from anywhere to the Internet via LPWAN networks, connectivity, cloud-based device management and APIs for integration with other systems.

Examples of integrations

Smart scale

Independent internet connection and battery power. Product quantity and volume data or marketing data on customer behaviour at the shelf.

Distance measurement

Ultrasonic distance measurement determines the level of a sump, well or the amount of material in a silo.

Security Systems

Detection of motion, tampering, door openings, gas leaks, battery operation, and internet connectivity brings many new opportunities.

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