IoT performance monitoring

Machine performance monitoring deployed in minutes

Get accurate online data on the availability, quality and performance of machines and other equipment. Increase production efficiency.

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Data availability and accuracy

Accurate data from connected machines are available instantly online on phones and computers.

Higher efficiency

Information on pace, downtime, production and quality leads to higher production efficiency (OEE).

Processes supervision

Overview of production flow, break times and workflows.

Case Study

A non-invasive machine monitoring helps increase production efficiency

HARDWARIO approach

HARDWARIO delivers everything you need to deploy a successful IoT performance monitoring project - from devices to cloud environments and APIs.

Our products and services include IoT devices and sensors, easily connected from anywhere to the Internet via LPWAN networks, connectivity, cloud-based device management and APIs for integration with other systems.

Connection examples

Digital outputs

RS-485 (Modbus), IO-Link and others

PLC outputs

Dry contact, current loop and more

Non-invasive monitoring

Magnetic, optical and other sensors

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