IoT maintenance monitoring

Data-base preventive and predictive maintenance

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Fewer outages

Continuous monitoring detects risky situations early and prevents unexpected outages.

Lower maintenance costs

Preventive and predictive maintenance brings lower operational costs in the long term.

100% operational visibility

Continuous overview of the operation and condition of the environment, machines, and structures.

Case Study

We help the TPCA automobile plant to prevent production outages

HARDWARIO approach

HARDWARIO delivers everything you need to deploy a successful IoT maintenance monitoring project - from devices to cloud environments and APIs.

Our products and services include IoT devices and sensors, easily connected from anywhere to the Internet via LPWAN networks, connectivity, cloud-based device management and APIs for integration with other systems.

Examples of monitoring


Production line motors, braking systems, storage areas


Measurement of electricity, water, air and other consumption



Level of sumps and silos

Vibration, shock and tilt

Bridges, steel structures, roofs, machines

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