Monitoring of machines for measuring OEE and increasing efficiency

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measurement is a simple and effective way to monitor and improve production efficiency on a long-term basis. Thanks to a single number, you can monitor the efficiency of your production and especially its development over time.

HARDWARIO devices can be supplemented with a number of interfaces and collect data from machines that are not normally connected to the Internet or an internal computer network. Thanks to this, you can have an online overview of production, production quality and productivity of machines and people. For the calculation we monitor for example:

  • Engine temperature production line
  • Pulses for measuring consumption and power
  • Rotation
  • Vibration

We use IoT Hub CHESTER for these projects. Thanks to its resistance to dust and water and temperature range, it is a suitable solution for demanding outdoor projects in the field of agriculture, forestry, water management and industry.

Low consumption and LPWAN connectivity (NB-IoT, or LoRa) enable deployment even in places not covered by the GSM signal or power grid.

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Examples of projects

Production line motor temperature monitoring

Rotation and vibration monitoring

Pulse monitoring for consumption and power measurement