Environmental Monitoring

HARDWARIO devices can process data from a wide range of environmental sensors, such as temperature and relative humidity. This allows many IoT projects to be implemented in an indoor environment, such as:

  • Monitoring of the indoor climate of production and warehouses for quality audits
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity index (THI) in animal breeders
  • Climate monitoring in offices and homes
  • Temperature monitoring in freezers and refrigerated boxes

We use CHESTER and COOPER devices for these projects.

Thanks to its resistance to dust and water and temperature range, CHESTER is a suitable solution for demanding outdoor projects in the field of agriculture, forestry, water management and industry. It uses temperature sensors to measure temperature, relative humidity, CO, CO2, LPG or ammonia concentrations.

COOPER with integrated environmental sensors is suitable for indoor projects such as offices, homes and other buildings. Through its sensors, it measures temperature, relative air humidity, concentration of CO2 and VOC, noise intensity, light intensity and detect movement with PIR detector

The low power consumption and LPWAN connectivity allow deployment in places not covered by the GSM signal or power grid.

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