IoT energy monitoring

Energy consumption monitoring

Remote monitoring of energy consumption such as electricity, water, gas or air with HARDWARIO devices.

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Online data

Get information about current and long-term consumption, and find anomalies.

Optimizing consumption

Optimize your energy consumption based on the received data and reduce costs

Streamlining operations

By automatically reading energy, you save the costs of manual data collection.

Case Study

SURUN offers IoT metering services with IoT gateway CHESTER

HARDWARIO approach

HARDWARIO delivers everything you need to deploy a successful IoT energy monitoring project - from devices to cloud environments and APIs.

Our products and services include IoT devices and sensors, easily connected from anywhere to the Internet via LPWAN networks, connectivity, cloud-based device management and APIs for integration with other systems.

Project examples


Digital outputs (ModBus, M-Bus, IO-Link), pulse measurement, current sensors


Pulse measurement, digital outputs (Modbus, IO-Link)


Pulse measurement, digital outputs (Modbus, IO-Link)


Pulse measurement, digital outputs (Modbus, IO-Link)

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