IoT conditions monitoring

Deploy remote environmental monitoring systems

Make the most of environmental data (air temperature and humidity, soil moisture, pollution levels,...) with HARDWARIO devices and services. Implement your own projects in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Precision and accuracy

Collect precise data regularly and in many places. It will be available online for auditing and analysis.

Streamline, and reduce costs

Remote monitoring operates 24/7 and reduces the number of necessary calls and streamlines processes.

Improving the environment

Data-based optimisation improves the environment for storage, production, agriculture, or animal husbandry.

Case Study

Monitoring tree growth and the impacts of climate change

HARDWARIO approach

HARDWARIO delivers everything you need to deploy a successful IoT environmental monitoring project - from devices to cloud environments and APIs.

Our products and services include IoT devices and sensors, easily connected from anywhere to the Internet via LPWAN networks, connectivity, cloud-based device management and APIs for integration with other systems.

Project examples

Monitoring of production and warehouses

Ensure proper production and storage conditions—data for online monitoring, deviation alerts and auditing.

Animal environment monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity, nitrogen oxides and other variables to ensure ideal livestock conditions.

Smart office environment monitoring

Monitor temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2 and VOC to optimise the environment, productivity and consumption.

Monitoring of freezers and coolers

Monitor temperature for process compliance and to optimise power consumption.

Monitoring vineyard conditions

Monitor weather conditions, rainfall, soil and air temperature and humidity to improve crop quality and reduce costs.

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