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What is HARDWARIO Playground

What is HARDWARIO Playground

A mythical place where new inventions arise - a legend has it that it’s called HARDWARIO Playground. 🏯 In this nifty programme, you can tell your box how to function.

You need to install the HARDWARIO Playground programme on your computer for the box to listen to your every word. In this programme, you will set how the box should respond to pressing a button or to turning it upside down.

The HARDWARIO Playground is software with which you can:

  • connect your box to your computer,
  • modify and set the features of your box,
  • upload firmware to the box (if you don’t know what it is, check it out here)
  • or watch what your box is doing in clear charts and visualizations.

Here’s what it looks like:

HARDWARIO Playground

And what are the six tabs on the left for? Let’s have a look at them, one by one.

  1. Home is a welcome gate. You’ll find here the HARDWARIO news and some interesting stories.
  2. Devices has the most important role of all tabs. You can pair here your box with the USB Dongle and your computer and then you can keep creating stuff. If you have paired only socks so far and not the box with the Dongle, check out these instructions.
  3. Functions is a tab in which miracles are being cooked. 🍰 Right here, by a simple dragging of so-called nodes, you can determine how your box should respond in different situations – for example, when you press the button or when the ambient temperature changes. All this simple programming works on the Node-RED system, which you can learn more about here.
  4. In Dashboard, you will see the activities of your box over time, displayed in handy colourful charts. Do you want to watch the temperature of your room drop and rise using colourful bumps? No problem! We have also prepared a great guide for you on how to create a cool Dashboard.
  5. Shh, do you want to know about everything that’s going on around your box? 🕵️‍♂️ Then click on Messages. In short messages, you will see every value your box records, whether by pressing the button, changing position or measuring temperature.
  6. And finally, there is the Firmware tab. Here you can download firmware in just a few clicks to your Core Module. Firmware is a programme that controls the device. You can learn more about firmware right here.

Download the HARDWARIO Playground

  1. Jump to the downloads section.
  2. The page will automatically select the current Playground version based on your operating system. Click on it to start downloading. .
  3. Run the programme and… that’s all! 🎉 Now just go ahead and create miracles.

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