14 March 2023 3 min read

HARDWARIO deploys Sternum technology to improve monitoring and security of its IoT platforms

HARDWARIO deploys Sternum technology to improve monitoring and security of its IoT platforms

March 14, 2023HARDWARIO provides its partners with a comprehensive solution of hardware, services and expert support to facilitate IoT adoption. By deploying cutting-edge Sternum technology, HARDWARIO aims to fundamentally improve the security and monitoring of its IoT platforms. They will offer the Sternum technology as a new service to users of its devices to increase the competitiveness of IoT solutions based on HARDWARIO products. The first results of the collaboration will be presented at the upcoming embedded world exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany.

The technology partnership between HARDWARIO and Sternum is based on the real needs of HARDWARIO partners who deploy IoT devices even in projects that require high reliability and security. The integration of Sternum's technology itself was easy, mainly due to the technological and business proximity of the two companies.

"We constantly strive to improve our IoT offerings so that our partners can push forward with their comprehensive solutions and deliver reliable and competitive IoT products and services. We have met the Sternum team at several exhibitions, and from the beginning, we admired their solution that enables remote analysis of firmware runtime. We spent most of our time fine-tuning the business model so that as many users of our products as possible could take advantage of this new service. I am confident that we have succeeded, and very soon, our first customers will start to benefit from our collaboration," says Alan Fabik, co-founder of HARDWARIO.

"We see HARDWARIO as a talented company that successfully promotes its IoT hardware and services globally. We welcomed their efforts to improve solutions further and offer new services to HARDWARIO users and partners. Our technology will help HARDWARIO succeed even in challenging projects where security, reliability and observability are a priority. I am excited that at embedded world, we can show the first results of our cooperation and discuss its further development directly with our customers," says Arthur Braunstein, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of the company.


HARDWARIO is a Czech technology company that focuses on IoT - Internet of Things. It provides its customers with configurable IoT devices, connectivity and cloud services. Together with its partners, it successfully implements IoT projects in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, retail, healthcare and asset management. The company has offices in the Czechia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Poland. For more detailed information, please visit www.hardwario.com.


Sternum is an Israeli cybersecurity company that focuses on securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The company's mission is to provide comprehensive protection and observability for IoT devices, which are increasingly connected to the internet and vulnerable to cyber attacks. Sternum includes a solution called "EIV™" (Embedded Integrity Verification). EIV™ is a patented software-based technology that operates autonomously. It runs in the device's firmware s and prevents zero-day exploits. The company’s cloud-based Advanced Detection System (ADS) monitors the device and uses AI/ML to identify functional and operational anomalies and deliver business insight. The company's customers include IoT device manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises that use IoT devices in their operations. For more information, visit www.sternumiot.com.


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