Devices for the Industrial Internet of Things

Our devices allow you an effortless implementation of Industry 4.0 projects in the areas of predictive maintenance, production monitoring or monitoring the comfort of the working environment.

A comprehensive solution for IIoT

Our non-invasive approach stands on 3 main pillars

Devices designed for IIoT

Easy to build, low-power, secure, industry quality, able to connect with other analogue and digital devices and multiple ways to connect to the internet.

Easy and Simple Integration

Ready-made integrations with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit (Siri), Blynk and other IoT platforms.


Professional technical support, extended warranty, dozens of sample projects and complete documentation including source codes at your disposal.

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Case Study

Monitoring of tree growth and the impacts of environmental change

Our IIoT products for Industry 4.0

IoT Kit

Use Industrial IoT Kit to build IoT projects effortlessly. Use-cases are Industry 4.0, active STEM education and smart home DIY projects.

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The most configurable IoT gateway

Universal device with very low power consumption communicating via LPWAN. It allows the connection of other external elements via a number of interfaces.

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Environmental IoT Multisensor

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Bespoke development

We develop IoT devices to fit your needs and customise everything from the technical solution to the branded product casing.

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