Webinar with our partner iotor - IoT challenges and facility management

When: April 29, 14:00 CET
Price: Free

In our next popular IoT webinar, we'll focus on IoT and facility management. Our guest will be Dalibor Lukeš from our partner company iotor, a member of the OKIN Group.

iotor company focuses mainly on the use of IoT in the indoor monitoring and maintenance. To do this, they have developed their own software solution SARA.hub - one place for monitoring the status and defining the actions to specific situations. Their typical projects include protection of buildings and technologies, monitoring of a healthy environment, smart (predictive) maintenance, efficient waste management, monitoring of energy consumption and its optimization.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How SARA.hub works and why iotor decided to create their own solution.
  • What are the biggest benefits of IoT for facility management
  • How you can use IoT to monitor the quality of your environment while controlling cleaning.
  • Which IoT projects make the most sense, according to iotor.
  • Practical examples and demonstrations of implemented projects.

About HARDWARIO's IoT Webinars

By digitizing and implementing IoT technologies, smart organizations gain a competitive advantage by dramatically improving their efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and generating new revenue streams. In our popular webinars, together with our partners, we present successful IoT projects and openly describe used solutions and technologies. The webinar includes a discussion with developers, implementers and customers.

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