How STATOTEST has built the cost-effective 24/7 IoT monitoring of the bridge's statics with CHESTER

When: February 25, 2 pm CET
Price: Free

In the Czech Republic alone, there are tens of thousands of bridges, buildings and other structures with problematic statics. The story of the STATOTEST project shows how, thanks to the digitization and implementation of Internet of Things technologies, companies and public entities can save hundreds of thousands to millions of crowns and prevent the tragic events we saw at the collapse of Prague's Troja footbridge or bridge in Genoa, Italy.

In the February IoT webinar, we will look at the project of STATOTEST, the winner of the Microsoft Awards. The STATOTEST project uses our IoT Hub CHESTER for long-term monitoring of the statics of buildings - bridges, roofs, halls and also landslide sites.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How STATOTEST uses IoT Hub CHESTER and develops its own firmware.
  • What IoT network project does it use.
  • What STATOTEST monitors to prevent problems in time.
  • How long does it take to deploy the measuring system to a new location.
  • How long does the device take to collect data on the battery.
  • How is the business and technical cooperation between STATOTEST and HARDWARIO.

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