Pairing devices with Playground

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Pairing devices with Playground

To make the USB Dongle get along with the Core module, you have to pair the Dongle with the box. They will go wild together. 💘

Pairing is important so that the Dongle only communicates with your box and no other. So if there are more devices that you share in your classroom or with friends, pair the Dongle with the box each time.

Pair the Dongle with the Core module

  1. If you haven’t put together your kit yet, go for it now. If you have the Starter Kit, here you will find instructions to put it together. Connect the completed USB Dongle to your computer.

  2. In the Playground, open the Devices tab. Select USB dongle in the toolbar. HARDWARIO Playground USB dongle

  3. Click on Connect and it will connect you to the Dongle. HARDWARIO Playground USB dongle connect

  4. Now is the time to pair it with the kit. Disconnect the batteries in the box first.

  5. In the Playground, click on Start pairing in the Devices tab to have Dongle to pick up the signal. HARDWARIO Playground - start pairing

  6. Then connect the batteries again. A red diode flashes wildly under the hood of USB Dongle to tell you that both devices are pairing. 🚨 HARDWARIO Playground - devices

  7. The pairing is complete in a second. In the Playground, click on Stop pairing, so you don’t pick up your friend’s device. And it’s done! 💪

🙌 You got it right, if:

  • each action appears in the Playground. Click on the Messages tab and press the button (or perform another action for which you have set the device). You should receive a confirmation message.