Connecting with Blynk mobile app

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Connecting with Blynk mobile app

Besides your computer, your smart IoT box gets along with your smartphone. 🤝 After the pairing, it sends notifications to it or displays graphs showing the temperature in your room. You will connect them using the Blynk app and in this article, we will show you how.

Start in the playground

When you are creating your invention in the Playground, you will find several nodes in the Functions tab, that work with Blynk ws – they are marked as Blynk ws and they are all dark green.

When you link these nodes to the rest of your programme, you still need to pair them with your smartypants phone. 📱

Node-RED flow

We will show you how to connect the box with Blynk on the Notify node example, but don’t worry, the linking procedure is the same for all Blynk nodes.

Set up your app on your mobile

  1. You can download the Blynk App on your mobile from the App store, or Google Play. Log in or set up an account. It’s the same as when you register for online games.
  2. Create a new project in the app: click on New project.
  3. Under Choose device, select the HARDWARIO IoT Kit hardware.
  4. Click on the Create button to confirm. Now you have been sent a token (or electronic key) to a project, which you can use to connect to your mobile from your computer. For now, however, stay in the app.📱

What if I haven’t received the token? Check your spam folder. You haven’t found it there either? Just send it again. In Blynk, in the Project settings tab, you will see your auth token and the E-Mail button bellow it. Click on it and check your mailbox again. 👋

  1. Now you can add various features to Blynk by pressing anywhere on the black area of your new project. For example, if you want to receive messages after pressing the button on the box, select Notification. Once you have set the features, click on the Play triangle at the top right.
Node-RED setup Blynk

Connect your mobile with the box

  1. Go back to the computer. Double-click on the dark green node to open it in your programme.
  2. You will see a small pencil on the right. Tap on it and a new window will open. In the Auth Token field, copy the token you have sent to your email. Copy the Blynk Cloud Server from the bottom window into the URL field:
Node-RED get Blynk notification

Confirm the settings with the Add and Done buttons, respectively. And you are all set! 🎉

So you can’t wait to try the Blynk connection out? Screw the theory. Jump head first to a specific project, get inspired and be creative!