How to make Node-RED dashboards

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How to make Node-RED dashboards

Do you want to follow colour charts of changing temperature in your room? Or to see a pop-up window on your computer every time someone presses a button? 🤓 This and much more can be done by a smart interface called Dashboard. We’ll tell you how to make it happen.

What is a dashboard?

Imagine a dashboard as your virtual message board, where after a little setup you will see everything what is going on around your box. For example, do you want to see a colour chart of how your room temperature has been changing over the past hour? No problem! It’s only up to you what you put in your dashboard. 💪

In other words, everything that your box measures will be displayed right here.

You can find it in your Playground in the left menu under the Dashboard tab. If you haven’t programmed anything yet and you click on it, you will see only a white area. Let’s change it! Node-RED Dashboard

What to fill the dashboard with?

You can influence the appearance of the dashboard using the nodes found in the left menu in the Functions tab. The are separated by the Dashboard header and have a turquoise colour. Node-RED dashboard nodes

Now, we will show you three smart nodes that you can tune up your dashboard with:

Node-RED Dashboard gauge Node-RED Dashboard gauge

Thanks to the Gauge node, a gauge will appear in the dashboard; it is similar to the one you can find in a car for speed measuring. 🏎️

You will set the minimum and maximum values and the arrow between them will show you what the current value is.

Gauge can be used also when measuring ambient temperature. Try to put the box in the fridge and watch the arrow move to the left.

Node-RED Dashboard chart Node-RED Dashboard chart

Connect the Chart node to your programme and a colour chart will appear in your dashboard. You can watch the progress of the measured value.

You will decide how long is the time interval the chart should display and then you just measure the temperature or press the button. The chart will gladly show you a bunch of different statistics - it just depends on how you set it up. 📈

Node-RED Dashboard notification Node-RED Dashboard notification

The dashboard can also receive various notifications. When you link your project to the Notification node, you will see the hot news about what’s going on in your box.

For example, set up a pop-up window with a text message when someone presses the button. This is also how you create a simple doorbell at the door of your room.🔔

Are you already thinking about what you can come up with in your dashboard? Check out our projects and get inspired!