Do you have a dragon's fire or an arctic wind in you?

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Do you have a dragon's fire or an arctic wind in you?

Have fun with your friends with IoT. Which of you has the hottest or coldest breath? You decide what will help you win. As they say, anything goes!😱

This project teaches you how to measure temperature with IoT. All you need is the basic HARDWARIO Starter Kit.

Prepare the box

  1. Put the Starter Kit together and pair it: If you are doing this for the first time, we’ve prepared a simple guide for you. You need the radio push button firmware for the Core Module. If you don't know how to download the firmware or what it is, you can find out more here.
  2. In Playground, open the Messages tab. Here you will see temperature changes. The temperature is measured automatically, either regularly after 15 seconds, or when there is a major change. And that is what we will use.
HARDWARIO Playground messages

Set up Node-RED

  1. Messages may not be enough for you.✌️ Set up your own colour temperature indicator with the bubbles in Node-RED. Firstly, click on the Functions tab in Playground.
  2. From the Input section, take the light purple MQTT node (bubble) and place it onto the empty desktop.
  3. Double-click the node. In the Topic line specify what you want the colour indicator to display. This now represents temperature. Copy the temperature message from the Messages tab (without a number) to the line. Alternatively, use this:
MQTT topic

Confirm by clicking the Done button.

  1. Next to the MQTT node place a second one, this time a blue Gauge node. This node can be found in the Dashboard section. This node is used to determine how the measured temperature is displayed on screen: as an indicator. Link both nodes together.
Dashboard Gauge chart
  1. Double-click on the Gauge node. In the Type line, set how the graph will be displayed (Gauge is best). In the Range line, adjust the minimum and maximum value of the indicator (try 0 and 50).
Gauge range settings Node-RED

Confirm by clicking the Done button.

Tip: In the Label line, rename your indicator.

  1. Now click the Deploy button 🚨 in the top right corner to get everything up and running.

❗ Beware: Every time you change the nodes you have to press Deploy again.

  1. Click on Dashboard. Your temperature indicator will be displayed. 😲
View gauge chart Node-RED dashboard

Start the game with your friends

  1. Sit with your friends at a table.
  2. First of all, measure who's hiding their dragons fire. 🔥 One by one breathe on the box. All aids are allowed; try warming up your breath with what you have on hand. Go wild and try anything and everything. 🙌 ❓ Try: What makes your breath warmer? Hot tea or chilli peppers?

  3. After the first round, discover who has the frostiest breath. ❄ Who can cool their breath down the most? ❓ Try: What makes your breath colder? An ice cube or cool chewing gum?

  4. Write down the best results and try to beat them the next time you play.