The colors of the brand are based on the color scheme of the logo and illustrations. They can be supplemented with any shade from the gray scale except pure black. The Spanish Red and Dim Gray colors are the colors used in the HARDWARIO logo.

Spanish red

  • RGB 227 4 39
  • HEX #E30427
  • CMYK 0% 100% 85% 0%

Dim Gray

  • RGB 107 106 106
  • HEX #6B6A6A
  • CMYK 3% 0% 70% 0%

Dark Gunmetal

  • RGB 37 37 50
  • HEX #252532
  • CMYK 85% 75% 50% 65%

The main font is Roboto, it is possible to use all its cuts. As an additional font (for example, for web buttons or headlines), you can use bold-type Roboto Mono. All fonts can be downloaded from the web

Demonstration of font usage in presentation

Products and subprojects

Use the logo so that it is always legible and has enough space around it. There are two variations of the colour version and two variations of the monochrome version for use on both light and dark backgrounds.

Infographics, illustration

Illustrations are an important element in all communication. They are designed to describe a product or service, carry a lot of visual information and can be used not only for decorative purposes. To make them easier to use, a library has been created where it is possible to download previously created elements.