Environmental IoT Multisensor


Compact multisensor

An environmental multisensor equipped with 9 sensors for monitoring indoor environment quality - CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Motion, Acoustic noise, Atmosphehic Pressure.

LPWAN connectivity

COOPER communicates through LPWAN technologies, such as NB-IoT or LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low-Energy. Communication is secure and independent on your local network.

Low power consumption

The sensor has very low power consumption and can run from AA batteries for several years.

Ready for integration

COOPER can by easy connected to the cloud, mobile applications and other services, such as Azure IoT Hub, Grafana, Ubidots or Blynk as well as it can be integrated with your endpoint through the REST API and Webhooks.

Fully customizable

Full customization of the device is possible - colours, logo printing, sensor assembly, application behaviour, and communication technology.


Environmental monitoring

Smart home applications

STEM education

HVAC systems

Facility management

Development kit for IoT

Case Study

We helped HB REAVIS, a development company, to create ideal working conditions


Operating input voltage 3.1 to 5.5 V
Idle power consumption < 40 μA
Power supply 4× AA battery
Operating temperature range 0 to +60 °C
Operating humidity range 0 to +95%
Storage temperature range -20 to +70 °C
Storage humidity range 0 to +95%
Dimensions 171 × 95 × 33 mm
Protection level IP40


Sensor Unit Min Max Interval
Acceleration g -2 2 Average (8 samples) 5 seconds
Acoustic noise dBA 30 90 RMS (4096 samples) 120 seconds
Ambient temperature °C -40 125 Average (8 samples) 30 seconds
Battery voltage V 0 6.5 Average (8 samples) 60 seconds
CO2 concentration ppm 0 10 000 None (Internal IIR) 120 seconds
Illuminance lux 0 83 000 Average (8 samples) 30 seconds
Motion detection - 0 65 535 (None) Always
Orientation (accelerometer) - 1 6 Average (8 samples) 5 seconds
Relative air humidity % 0 100 Average (8 samples) 30 seconds
VOC concentration ppb 0 60 000 Average (8 samples) 30 seconds

Custom integrations and branding on customer's request

Extended 3-year warranty and 100-day trial period

Personal technical support in the deployment phase