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We help the TPCA automobile plant to prevent production stoppage

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TPCA is a joint venture of two global automobile enterprises: Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation and French Groupe PSA. It manufactures large quantities of Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën passenger cars in Ovčáry, near Kolín. In 2017, they even surpassed a significant milestone of 3 million cars produced.

Such a large and global plant needs to operate within its maximum capabilities. In order to deliver high-quality cars to customers as efficiently as possible, it is constantly seeking for innovative and progressive ways to eliminate and prevent defects. That is why they asked for our co-operation in finding an efficient and low-cost solution to predict potential problems in production.

The brief

The brief: we need early warnings of an increase in engine temperature

One of the machines used for the production of cars is the mounting line placed in the plant’s mounting department. The mounting line may be stopped, for example, due to an engine failure. Such stoppage then impacts the entire car mounting process as a result of which the car manufacturer sustains huge losses.

At TPCA, they know that an overheated mounting line engine may be one of the possible causes of such stoppage. However, this situation can be prevented by temperature monitoring and early reporting of increased values. Thus, they chose engine temperature monitoring to predict potential problems as their IoT pilot project.

With IoT Kit modules, I was able to set-up our Industry 4.0 pilots in just a few days. It saved us time and money.
Marek Herda
Specialist - Security and Industry 4.0 Projects, TPCA

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