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We help the TPCA automobile plant to prevent production outages


TPCA is a joint venture of two global automobile enterprises: Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation and French Groupe PSA. It manufactures large quantities of Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën passenger cars in Ovčáry, near Kolín. In 2017, they even surpassed a significant milestone of 3 million cars produced.

Such a large and global plant needs to operate within its maximum capabilities. In order to deliver high-quality cars to customers as efficiently as possible, it is constantly seeking for innovative and progressive ways to eliminate and prevent defects. That is why they asked for our co-operation in finding an efficient and low-cost solution to predict potential problems in production.

With IoT Kit modules, I was able to set-up our Industry 4.0 pilots in just a few days. It saved us time and money.
Marek Herda
Specialist - Security and Industry 4.0

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