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Four modules help Škoda Auto respond more quickly to production problems

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Škoda Auto does not need a long introduction. The largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic, established more than 100 years ago, produces cars for people all around the globe. Škoda’s production plants are located on three continents – in Europe, Asia and Africa. Their production is based on precision, efficiency and minimization of errors. Therefore, they wished to better monitor and evaluate the production process and provide operators with the opportunity to quickly call for help, if necessary.

Our job was to create a device that would help them in this respect.

The brief

The brief: problems in production need to be addressed more quickly

If an error occurred on the production line before the launch of our device, Škoda Andon, the operators had to call their supervisors using their personal mobile phones, or wave their hands to catch the supervisors’ attention on the other side of the production plant.

When trying to improve the process, we found inspiration in Japan. This is where the Andon system for visual checks of production was developed. Display boards are located near the production lines, providing information on the current state of the workplace, including immediate notifications of issues occurring during the production process.

Škoda thus needed a device to control the display boards directly from the production lines. The device had to alert the relevant operators via the display board to immediately address the issue. At the same time, it had to notify the management. Thanks to the alerts, the management may set priorities in a better way and improve the processes as well as the operation of the line.

It was obvious that the client had a clearly defined need and we already had several possible solutions on our minds. However, we expected certain issues regarding the technical design.

HARDWARIO helped us to swiftly and smoothly enhance our production process with a solution to monitor the current state of production lines and easily check whether any operator needs help.
Jan Vlačiha
Expert Coordinator – Škoda Auto

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