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For IFRAMIX we supply sensors to improve the welfare of farm animals


IFRAMIX, a Czech company and a member of CCPA, a leading French group, is the market leader in animal feed. Their success is based on a long-term research. They are constantly developing new natural products that reduce the amount of medicines used and maintain excellent medical condition of the animals. Prevention of animal stress provoked by for example inappropriate temperature and humidity in farms is one of their current topics. Because of this, farmers sustain great economic loss, especially in the summer period. IFRAMIX has asked us for a set of mobile sensors to detect this problem.

The brief

The brief: we want farmers to be able to measure the conditions in which their animals live

In IFRAMIX, they have a good understanding of livestock thanks to their long-term experience. They see animals as top athletes. As well as athletes, also animals need excellent conditions to deliver excellent performance. And it is not just about nutrition but also about the conditions in which they live.

Animals, for example dairy cows, are very sensitive to ambient temperature and air humidity, especially at high production levels. These two factors produce thermal stress, referred to as the THI (Temperature Humidity Index). Thermal stress significantly reduces performance and can cause death. So, the dairy cows produce less milk and its quality deteriorates. The animals do not grow enough, and this is reflected in the farmers' lower profits.

Therefore, for efficient farming settings, farmers must know in detail the weather forecast and climatic conditions within the farm. Often, they are aware of them, but take only a few factors into account or measure them irregularly and do not reverse engineer the data. Such data is inaccurate and misleading. For example, ambient temperature itself is not predictive and air humidity still has to be taken into account when measuring.

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