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We helped HB REAVIS, a development company, to create ideal working conditions

Real estate

The international developer HB REAVIS has internally set its mission: designing office premises where employees will feel good and enjoy spending time. They design premises around the world that support personal development, reduce stress and improve health. It is not possible to achieve optimum working environment without fresh air, and, therefore, they asked us to develop an air quality meter.

The brief

The brief: we need to measure the quality of air

Office employees spend at least 8 hours indoors, which is a substantial part of the day. In order to create an environment at HB REAVIS where employees will feel good throughout their working day, there is a need to measure the quality of air. According to the continuously obtained data, they regulate the oxygen supply or room temperature.

According to the research pursued by Harvard Medical, the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) has a significant impact on work performance. At a low level of CO2 in the room, i.e. in an environment that is not airless, employees feel good, focus more on work and deliver at least 15% better performance. In addition to CO2, other air values affect enthusiasm at work as well.

At HB REAVIS, they are aware of this, so they asked us for a device to be placed in the interior to measure:

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • air temperature
  • and air humidity
Partial custom delivery of multi-sensors from HARDWARIO has fitted in our eco-system in HB REAVIS as a reliable data source built on a low power wireless infrastructure. We rely on it in monitoring, evaluating and optimizing the quality of the indoor ambient. We are looking forward to further iterations!

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