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CHESTER helps E.ON to assess cable boxes online


E.ON, a German energy company, is one of the leading suppliers of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. They strive for reliability and a customer-friendly approach and rank among the leaders in the field of innovation in the Czech Republic. This is why we were pleased when E.ON asked us to help them with further innovations. In a single project, we had to consider two requirements: to create a battery-powered temperature and humidity sensor for cable boxes and, at the same time, to test the new NB-IoT communication network.

The brief

The brief: we need to measure climatic conditions in cable boxes

Cable boxes are prone to high humidity and temperature. Improper climatic conditions lead to corrosion, breakage of HRC fuses and, hence, a significant increase in maintenance costs.

Therefore, it is crucial for E.ON to select the supplier of cable boxes whose products are the most resistant to climate conditions. To compare individual suppliers, E.ON decided to monitor humidity and temperature in each cable box online. Therefore, E.ON needed a sensor that would provide them with temperature and humidity reports on a daily basis for subsequent analysis.

At the same time, E.ON wished to try another innovation – the NB-IoT narrow-band network newly offered by Vodafone. This is the only LTE- based data network with great coverage, even under the ground, specifically designed for smart devices.

We contacted HARDWARIO after recommendation by Vodafone to test NB-IoT, the Internet of Things network. In a short time, we designed a solution for monitoring the climatic conditions in cable cabinets and within 2 months we had our device in hand. We look forward to further projects.
Dominik Harman
Project Manager, E.ON

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