31 August 2021 1 min read

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 3

The third and final summary of the content we have published in the first half of this year.

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 3

Production monitoring with immediate return on investment

In June, we organized a webinar that dealt with the non-invasive deployment of production efficiency monitoring, which can be deployed within 15 minutes.

With Adastra, we digitize retail

In June, together with Petr Blabla, we introduced two products with which we change retail. Our mobile smart scales and shelves are independently connected to the Internet and run on batteries for several years.

10 Industrial IoT projects

We have prepared a document on how we approach IoT projects in manufacturing companies. You will also find ten inspiring examples of the use of IoT technologies. Will you become our partner in this area?

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