18 August 2021 1 min read

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 2

During this spring, we've published several interesting materials - webinars, ebooks, blog articles. For today, I have prepared the second part of their summary.

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 2

We've helped develop a system for identifying and tracking drones

The first webinar this year was about the project with Unifly. We helped them design, develop and produce devices for drone's e-identification and tracking, including a mobile application.

Does IoT make sense in facility management?

Take a look at the webinar record on the meaningful use of the Internet of Things in facility management. Dalibor Lukeš, CEO of the partner company iotor, was our guest.

IoT inspiration for the agriculture

How can you use IoT and LPWAN technologies in agriculture? We have prepared a document with the principles we follow when selecting projects and ten inspiring use cases. Will we inspire any of you to become our partner in this area?

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