29 July 2021 1 min read

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 1

During this spring, we've published several interesting materials - webinars, ebooks, blog articles. In today's and the upcoming two articles, which we are planning for August, I will summarize them so that you do not miss anything.

Spring was full of IoT inspiration, part 1

No bridge will ever fall again

Our partner STATOTEST uses IoT Hub CHESTER for continuous monitoring of statics of bridges, roofs and other structures. Thanks to this, they can prevent tragic events in time and for a fraction of the costs. We held a joint webinar in February.

ZOO's monitoring and Microsoft technologies

In March, we hosted a webinar with the director of the Liberec ZOO, David Nejedlo. Together, we presented several IoT projects that we deployed in the ZOO. We also included a demonstration of data visualization and evaluation in Microsoft Teams and Power BI.

IoT inspiration for the construction

How can you use IoT and LPWAN technologies in construction? We have prepared a document with the principles we follow when selecting projects and ten inspiring use cases. Will we inspire any of you to become our partner in this area?

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