12 April 2021 4 min read

HARDWARIO’s 5th anniversary

In January 2016, Alan Fabik and I brought a crazy idea from the CES exhibition in Las Vegas: the electronics kit for the Internet of Things. And we gave it an even more crazy name - BigClown. I remember the silent minute very well once our presentation to the owners of Jablotron was over...

HARDWARIO’s 5th anniversary

...By that time, we were still employees of this company. In the end, they decided to bless our dream. They expressed little understanding of the project itself, but the spark in our eyes during the presentation was convincing enough.

Alan a Pavel

This week, five years have passed since we founded HARDWARIO. In the early days, the company's name was BigClown Labs, and it was a spin-off from Jablotron. Over the years, we have changed the name, co-owners, and the focus of the company. The original enthusiasm has been accompanying us for the whole journey and helped us in many situations. Still, we would not have been able to make those five years without the help of the many friends and partners we met on our journey. And I would like to thank them very much today.

Thanks to everyone who has ever invested their time and money in us and our project. For the initial investment to the owners of Jablotron - Dalibor Dědek and Miroslav Jarolím, as well as to our wives Michaela Fabiková and Lenka Hübnerová. Without you, HARDWARIO would have never existed. I want to thank the fantastic people from the Moravian Church and their investment group FS Assets for their faith in our abilities, especially Jan Křivka and Bohumil Jána. I know that you pray for us, and remember that we pray for you too :)

During the pandemic, Komerční banka supported us. We will stay with them in the future, not only out of gratitude but also because of their novel approach to financing startups. Many thanks also to the hundreds of investors in the Fundlift platform who supported our growth in 2019. We will not disappoint your trust!

From the beginning, we have followed the motto of Professor Milan Zelený: "Think globally, act locally." Thanks for the endless support of our local activities to Liberec city and Liberec area management. We especially appreciate the help of the Agency for Regional Development and the Lipo.ink incubator led by Philipp Roden.

We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the Liberec ZOO, where we are building an IoT trail with its director David Nejedlo. And our hopeful students will be 100% expanded by other promising students of Liberec high schools. We will continue to inspire the inventors of tomorrow.

Michael Setton, Michael Graham, and Michael Murdoch help us operate our UK branch office in London. Thanks a lot, guys! Moreover, we cannot imagine foreign expansion without the help of the great Czechinvest team. We are eager for more adventures in new countries!

We have created many of our projects with the support of our technology partners. We thank SimpleCell, České Radiokomunikace, T-Mobile, Microsoft, and special thanks go to Vodafone - together, we deploy our devices not only in our country but around the world. IoT rocks!

Our huge passion is STEM education. We are delighted to cooperate with the organization Czechitas, led by Dita Formánková. Together we are changing the girls' approach to IT. We cannot forget Digikoalice, of which we are an integral part, is also doing a great job in changing IT education. We are genuinely transforming Czechia - The Country For The Future :)

Huge thanks belong to our business partners. We have not only a business but also a friendly relationship with everyone. There are many of you, so I'd prefer not to name you specifically (it would be sad to forget someone). Dear partners, stay with us - together, we will digitize the world!

The enormous thanks, of course, goes to all my colleagues - friends. During those five years, thirty diverse personalities passed through our company. Some have been juggling for a while, and some have been with us from the very beginning. But I express huge thanks to everyone who has invested even a minute of their precious lives. I love you!

I also want to thank all those invisible supporters who are watching and cheering for us and with whom we have not yet met. I know you exist, and I truly appreciate your favor.

Well, let's move on! Day by day, together with you, we will transform today into digital tomorrow.