17 April 2018 2 min read

HARDWARIO Took First Place In LoRa Hackathon 2018

HARDWARIO team quickly created interesting solution usign the new LoRa Module.

HARDWARIO Took First Place In LoRa Hackathon 2018

HARDWARIO team took part in the LoRaWAN hackaton organized by České Radiokomunikace. The story behind the presented project was not so simple. First we had plans to use the new VOC Tag to measure the smell the quality of air in the room. We could simply re-use all the code in already done Wireless VOC sensor project.

However during the presentation of LoRa technology there was a statement that this network is not suitable to transfer sound or picture. That reminded me one article examining options of LoRa image transmission. So we accepted this challenge and used Panasonic infrared Grid-EYE sensor to transmit 8x8 pixel heatmap.

We used Core Module to communicate with infrared sensor, Power Module to display image preview on "Neopixel" matrix display and our new LoRa Module.

We created first battery operated LoRa thermal camera. On the camera there is a LED matrix to create a preview of the image, but without it this device could send data for few years thanks to the power efficient HARDWARIO hardware and clever SDK automatically taking care of sleeping.

Here's the received picture from our backend.

Big thanks goes to České Radiokomunikace for organizing this event.