5 December 2017 2 min read

Reasons Behind Indiegogo

The explanation what makes us to promote HARDWARIO in a crowdfunding campaign

Reasons Behind Indiegogo

Hey guys,

from the very first beginning, we knew that we are working on a project on a global scale. The maker movement around the world is ramping up and there is no difference between the countries and the maker's attitude.

Our goals are straightforward:

  1. Get closer to more people.

  2. Scale up our production.

  3. Find the new HARDWARIO makers.

  4. Receive more feedback on our products.

There are many ways how we could achieve all of these goals, but we have chosen to crowdfund because it can help us with all of them in one package. From the definition, crowdfunding allows projects to raise enough funds by small contributions from the crowd. It is all about community, which is an integral part of the HARDWARIO project, so it fits our mindset even better.

Speaking the crowdfunding platform itself, we are going with Indiegogo. There are many reasons for this decision, but the core reason is the trust in our project we are getting from inside the Indiegogo team and the amount of extensive support and mentoring from them.

The Indiegogo campaign is scheduled for January 2018. Sign up here to get the advance information about the launch and access to significant discounts throughout the campaign. We will appreciate any support from you - whether it is purchasing a perk on Indiegogo or spreading the word about our project to your friends, colleagues, or pets :-)

We are all makers. So are you!

Thanks, Alan.